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About Stamped Concrete

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Asphalt Natural Stone Precast Pavers Stamped Concrete

Available in an array of patterns and colors

With countless color
combinations and hundreds of patterns available, stamped concrete offers unlimited
design possibilities (see

Pattern and Color Options).

No No Yes Unlimited

Longevity and performance

Like conventional concrete, stamped concrete will provide decades of service when properly installed and maintained, even when exposed to harsh winter weather. Adding steel reinforcement or wire mesh will augment the strength and help to control cracking.

Poor Good Good Excellent

Speed of installation

Unlike stone or precast pavers, stamped concrete can be poured or pumped into place without the need to lift and place individual units. It takes about five days to install a 2,000-square-foot stamped concrete driveway vs. 10 to 12 days to install natural stone or pavers.*

Fast Slow Slow Moderate

Ability to customize

Some manufacturers produce custom stamps that allow you to imprint logos or other one-of-a-kind designs.

No No No Yes

Special maintenance requirements

All of these paving materials, including concrete, will require removal of dirt or stains when necessary by scrubbing or pressure washing (see How to Protect and Maintain Stamped Concrete.)

Annual seal coating Removal of weeds and moss that grow in the joints; refilling joints with sand as needed. Removal of weeds and moss that grow in the joints; refilling joints with sand as needed. Resealing every few years or as needed to protect the surface from stains and maintain color vibrancy.

Average cost per square foot installed*

Depends on the complexity of the job. More elaborate stamped concrete installations will cost more (see Stamped Concrete Cost).

$2 - $2.50 $25 and up $4 - $20 $8 - $20

Why Decorative Concrete Delivers Great Value

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Decorative concrete is the logical choice when it comes to reducing your costs, improving sustainability, and contributing to your project's overall quality and aesthetics.

One thing that stands out in our economy is the fact that everyone is looking for a value, a way or means of making their dollars go further. This rings true whether you're purchasing daily consumables for the home or planning a construction project. Those of us in the decorative concrete industry have known for years that on a construction project, the value of decorative concrete presents itself over and over again, a simple concept called "value engineering."

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  • Permanance: Concrete is one of the most durable materials on earth. When properly installed and maintained, stamped concrete pavements will last for decades to come.
  • Cost Effective: Stamped concrete is often more cost effective than natural stone, slate, or masonry paving units. Concrete can mimic the beauty of this material, but proves to be much more economical.
  • Speed of Installation: A stamped concrete offers unlimited design options. It can be shaped, imprinted, textured, and colored to achieve almost any look imaginable.
  • Aesthetic Value: Stamped concrete can blend harmoniously with almost any type of architecture or landscape, making it suitable for everything from residential pool decks to walkways.
  • Ability to customize: With countless color and pattern combinations, stamped concrete offers unlimited design posibilities. Greystone Masonry's extensive selection of stamped patterns and borders gracefully frame patios, driveways, pool decks and more.
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